Cakes I love to make!

It's always the cakes for children that give me the greatest pleasure. They're just more fun. I really enjoyed making these 2 and was really pleased with how they turned out!

Welcome to Jens party cakes!

Welcome to my web page! I specialise in custom made cakes for all occasions. I love the idea of people receiving a unique cake made especially for them. Something that will make them exclaim delight, laugh, cry, or all three! It's about making people feel special. So have a look at the small selection I've posted here or follow the links to see more of my work, and maybe it will inspire some ideas for your own special occasion!

My favourite cakes.

Here's a couple of recent cakes that I really enjoyed making. The flower fairy cake was for my best friends one year old daughter and I was free to make whatever I thought would suit as long as there was chocolate fudge cake inside! Childrens cakes always a joy to make and this one turned out really well. I love the colours, and young children love being able to eat flowers, leaves and wings!

The sewing machine was a challenge that I initially said no to. But after a little bit of thought about how it could be constructed I agreed and loved every minute of carving, hand painting and modeling all the little accessories of thread, buttons and pin cushion. As always it's entirely edible!

Childrens cakes

It always thrills me to see the reaction from people when they are presented with a cake made especially for them, but the pleasure is always extra rewarding when you see the pure delight that children have when they see fairytale images brought to life. The joy of being able to eat the roof, windows and flowers( or the arms), just like Hansel and Gretel!

New Cakes

Here's a couple of recent cakes that I really enjoyed creating. My brother announced his engagement at christmas and himself and his fiance had a party to mark the event, so I couldn't resist the excuse the make a glamorous gold cake complete with diamond ring for them.

And this is a 30th birthday cake for a girl who loves the song Club Tropicana!

Fun cakes

There's nothing like a challenging cake theme to perk me up! I love when people ask for unusual or different styles of cake for their friends or family members. Here are a few that I've particularly enjoyed doing. The chefs hat was great fun, and appealed to me because I was a chef myself of course!
The scuba diving cake was actually used as an alternative wedding cake, which is becoming an increasingly popular thing with couples, picking a cake which they feel represents them. And what better cake can you give a music lover than one where an icing version of himself is playing his favorite instrument!

Wedding Cakes - with the 'wow' factor

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Christening Cakes

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